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Some years ago, two people were watching a movie called “The Party” with Peter Sellers. At a certain point in the film, Peter Sellers is feeding a parrot in a cage and calls the bird “Birdie num num”. Soon after, they started calling each other “Birdie”... Later on, all their friends started calling them “Birdie” as well!! And now, after using this word every day for many years, all these people together we introduce you to the "Birdie's" e-shop.


Birdies is a place for friends!




Birdie's is located near by the port of Naoussa Paros, a fishing village in the Cyclades, Greece. The shop opens every year from April to October for the spring and summer seasons.


Birdie's e-shop

You can address any package, letter or postcard at

Birdie's Naoussa, Paros
84401 Greece

You can contact us under tel. +30 2284055082 or email us at

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